Physics Rocks!

Physics most definitely rocks!  It is probably the most dynamic and  exciting subject I've ever had the chance to teach, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! The Higher Level International Baccalaureate Physics curriculum is full of interesting topics that typically aren't taught in a general physics class--I love teaching IB Physics!

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Ms. Fowler's Phone #:  837-7827

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IB Physics Classroom:  1111

Ms. Fowler's Office:  #1410-D 
(I share with Ms. vB, if that helps you find it!!)


Daily Schedule 2013-14

Period 1:  IB Physics 1

Period 2:  IB Physics 2

Period 3:  IB Physics 1

Period 4:  IB Physics 1

Period 5:  Ms. Fowler's Planning period

Period 6: IB Physics 1


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Important Links for all Classes:

WebAssign--for all your non-worksheet homework problem sets.
Please see your class page for your registration "class key" so you can enroll!

Turnitin--we will be submitting all written work (i.e. typed lab reports, for the most part) to this site.  Remember, all written work for all lab reports is expected to be completed INDIVIDUALLY.  Identical reports that are submitted will be reported as plagiarism.

Class IDs for Turnitin
(Password=physicsrocks for all 5 class periods!)

Period 1:  6756821

Period 2:  6756824 

Period 3:  6756830

Period 4:  6756832

Period 6:  6756835


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What is Physics, you ask?

Well, it's the study of how our world and universe work.  It's the study of interactions between particles of matter.  It's the building block for all other natural sciences!  Physics is everywhere in the world around you, and this class will hopefully open your eyes to the beauty of physics in your life! Physics ROCKS!

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Skyline has three levels of physics--General physics, IB Physics 1, and IB Physics 2 (Higher level).  Both General and IB 1 are geared toward students who have not taken physics before, and the learning recommendations are the same:  you should have passed Physical Science (now called Physics Lab Methods and Chemistry Lab Methods) (or the online sample exam) and you should be at least in Algebra 2.  (we do a lot of algebra, and some trigonometry calculations throughout the year, as well as logical reasoning with algebraic equations).





SHS Physics Teacher Contact Information:


Ms.    837-7827


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